As we say goodbye to the year that has been 2019 and look forward to a New Year full of new resolutions, hopes and dreams. No matter what our past has looked like, nor the challenges that lie ahead we can be assured that our Lord and Saviour will always remain constant. He is our VISION!

He knows the plans He has for us. Plans for good, to give us a hope and a future. (Jer 29:11)

When we keep our eyes and our hearts fixed on Him, He will reveal the steps we are to take in the coming weeks, months and year ahead.

‘My sheep listen to My voice,

I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27

During the holiday season as I await the New Year to start, I have found it important to seek the Lord and ask a few questions in preparation for the year ahead. Some of those include:

  • What is the Lord calling me to and what does He want me to do?

The Lord has made us all unique. Each and everyone of us has a calling on our lives that only we can fulfil. Your experiences in life, have helped to shape who you are and what you are called to do.

  • What gifts and talents has he given me and how does he want me to use them?

The Lord has given you gifts and talents to be used in the service of others, so use your gifts well. What gifts/talents do you love and how may the Lord be calling you to use them for the benefit of others?

  • What hopes and dreams may be just my own plans?

To discern if they are of the Lord, I usually ask the following questions:

  • Have they been confirmed in scripture? Have I received the same or similar scriptures many times? What is the Lord showing me in these scriptures and do they fit with the dream or vision?
  • Have other people, especially those in authority, confirmed these words, visions or scriptures?

Have I been obedient to everything the Lord has asked of me or have I done my own thing? If I have done my own thing then the best I can do is repent and go back to the last thing the Lord asked of me and do it. Being obedient to the Lord allows me to move forward with Him by my side and the hope of hearing His voice at the end saying ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’

  • What hopes and dreams has the Lord given me that are yet to be fulfilled? (Await an appointed time). If I am still waiting for the Lord to fulfil my dreams and I am sure they are from the Lord, then I can be assured that the Lord is using this time to prepare my mind, heart and soul for all that He has awaiting. I just need to keep my eyes focused on Him, continue to be obedient to each thing He asks of me, stay in His word and fight the good fight with faith that the Lord has the perfect time awaiting. He will confirm (Often from those in authority), when the time is right, so I do not need to fear missing the boat.
  • If I have fulfilled my current dream, then it is time to ask the Lord for New Vision. ’For where there is no vision (revelation of God) the people perish’. Proverbs 29:18

I pray that during this season, the Lord will pour out fresh vision upon weary hearts, so that we may enter 2020 with joy and thanksgiving to Him. He who is the good shepherd, promises that when we spend time seeking Him and listening to His voice, we will know Him and He will know us. He will call and we will follow. He will give us a future and a hope!

Love and blessings for the year ahead. Maree Dobbs

References: Photo: Maree Dobbs, All scripture verses taken from NLT


‘For the revelation awaits an appointed time…though it linger, WAIT!’ Habakkuk 2:3