Attuning to God’s Frequency – Philip Ryall
(Guest Speaker at the 2016 Dove Retreat)

“Greater love has no one than this:  that someone lay down his life for his friends.  You are my friends if you do what I command you.  No longer do I call your servants, for the servant does not know what His master is doing:  but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you”  John 15: 13-15
God’s voice truly awaits those who believe he is talking!  As we come to discover and embrace His TRUE nature (as Abba Father) and our TRUE identity in Him (as sons/daughters not slaves) we will become more EASILY attuned to the otherwise HIDDEN FREQUENCY of His voice that confides the Father’s affairs and thoughts like a constant stream of genuine friendship.  He’s talking to us all the time and in so many creative and personal ways.  We each have individual receptors that He knows how to activate in love.  This is deeply moving to our soul.  It causes us to become people of thanksgiving whose hearts are affectionately touched by sharing this privilege of truly ‘serving’ him, yes, but not as servants but as friends and confidants!
I remember listening to a big old Wireless Radio acquired as a young boy.  At night I could tune into Radio Stations from all over the world as the air was cool and clear at night.  There were two tuning dials to manoeuvre slowly.  One on the left for wide-tune and on on the right for fine-tune.  They helped me to find voices of the world speaking along international airwaves that few others had the privilege of hearing from Australia.  It was such an amazing discovery!
I have learnt that an important secret to hearing our Father’s voice is to rid our mind firstly of all twisted/conditioned perceptions of who He is (harsh, distant, law based, serious, difficult to please etc) and secondly, of who I am (i.e. what doubts I have adopted to question my true nature and goodness made in His image and likeness).  This two-way attuning process takes us from the noisy interference into a new found peace.  Here we have learnt to navigate the tuner dial left and right to find the hidden and sweet centre-flow frequency of His voice.  This releases a river of dialogue from the Fathers heart to ours!
The Adversary is preoccupied in doing everything to prevent us from discovering the beauty and simplicity of what is on offer here.  God is talking to you and me right now and has so much to say on so many levels.  Best part is that it is SO personal and relational!

Left Dial:  Turn to this truth:  (Our True Identity)
We are truly redeemed sons/daughters called to serve him as friends seated with him in the Heavenly’s. He is ridiculously interested in hearing your thoughts and sharing His about you and situations in your life and reassuring you about how well he made you.  He thought you up!  We are masterpieces as we are each piece of the Master!  You are filled with Him and His fruits so you might as well accept your magnificence!  The price has been paid.  Your struggle to wholeness is a relational journey.  He only sees the end product that we are oblivious to.  “There is NO condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus:  (Romans 8:1).  You are no longer yours but His precious one.  It’s all in you now waiting to be accessed and enjoyed to fullness.  You are Royal as your God is the King of Kings and he has made us heirs to great treasures.  Might as well accept it and celebrate it for the rest of your life!  Mission will overflow from this intentional and new way of living.

Right Dial:  Turn to this truth:  (God’s True Identity)
He is SO good, kind, generous and an interested Father, friendly/ slow to anger/ quirky /light hearted often/ totally interested in the ridiculous detail of our day/ playful/ wanting to know our thoughts/ wise/ generous/ humorous/ always present even when we constantly forget him etc.  Law based perceptions and conditions of who we think He is need to be broken so our spirits can loosen up and express a new freedom!
This double tuning equates to:  the secret frequency and flow of His voice that confides the Father’s affairs and thoughts, tone and demeanour.  In trusting then the flowing stream of His voice, we become ‘friends’ of thanksgiving and begin to flow freely in the Holy Spirit.  We become carried in the sweet flow of grace and walk in a new confidence of His involvement in every area of our life.
“I have called you friends, for everything I learn from my Father
I have made known to you”. – John 15:1