SR Sound

Shane and Anita Robinson from SR Sound have recorded both the music and teachings at our National Retreats for a number of

SR Sound2016-05-10T11:19:14+12:00

Bible Gateway

Searchable on-line Bible in 100 versions. Website:

Bible Gateway2016-05-10T11:19:27+12:00

Read the Scott Hahn Conversion Story

This story is inspirational - a "must read"! Website:

Read the Scott Hahn Conversion Story2016-05-10T11:20:02+12:00

Good News Ministries

A Catholic envangelization and faith-building ministry that was founded in 1995, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ nationally and globally, in

Good News Ministries2017-01-15T00:24:02+13:00

Lavish Pursuits

The Theme for the 2012 Retreats was "Lavish Gifts, Extravagant Love" International speaker and author Elissa Macpherson, the guest speaker, connected so

Lavish Pursuits2016-05-10T11:20:21+12:00
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