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2016 Retreat – Never Thirst AgainPhil-and-Jennie-Ryall

Over 250 women gathered at Willow Park in Eastern Beach Auckland in response to the call to come and drink deeply from the Living Waters of Jesus.

Phil and Jennie Ryall and Amanda Kalauta from the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community in Sydney were our guest speakers.

The titles of the 7 talks presented were –

  • “Is anyone thirsty?”
  • “Jesus and the Woman at the Well”
  • “Healing the Orphan Soul”
  • “Hosting Heaven’s Presence”
  • “The Time, the Place and the Girl”
  • “Joining the Waltz of Heaven”
  • “Rivers of Joy in the Wilderness”

Each session built on the other, continuing leading us on as we were invited to leave everything behind and journey with Jesus.
On the journey there was laughter, joy, tears, healing and the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit.  The Worship Team lead the women deeper into the heart of God with song and dancing.  Truly we felt we were in Heaven on the Saturday night as we “Joined in the Waltz of Heaven”.

Fr Neil Vaney sm our chaplain for the weekend was a blessing for all of us.  On the Saturday evening he lead us in a time of renewing our Baptismal Vows and a time of reconciliation.  His ministry to the women over the weekend was deeply appreciated by all.

The weekend was completed with the celebration of Eucharist on Sunday with Bishop Patrick Dunn, Dove National Chaplain, celebrating Mass.

A full report and photos from the weekend will follow soon.



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