Breaking Chains with Christine Kornman

2024 started with a whirlwind. Literally the weather was a bit wild and woolly. However, those that came out had a wonderful night filled with renewal of the Holy Spirit.

Praise and worship started with the “Canticle of the Sun” and finished the night with “Heaven is in my Heart”.

Our theme for the year front and centre, and in witness to that those at the end of night asked if they wanted to step out and share with the group, many of which did. Christine lead us through “Breaking Chains”, a small taste of Healing the Past.

“Whilst we cannot change what has happened to us in the past, Jesus can heal the emotional wounds we have suffered and set us free from the chains of the past”.

This was a night of an intro to the ministry of healing the emotions through prayer. Christine led us through prayers and we gathered in small groups to pray, imagine and remember a time in our life where Jesus was truly present with you. Jesus through the Holy Spirit ministered directly to each person there.

Christine led by the Holy Spirit facilitated the encounters with Jesus, leading us in prayer and by words given by the Holy Spirit.

Soul healing prayer is a healing encounter with the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, allowing the Holy Spirit to bring needs to the surface, forgiving and being forgiven and letting Jesus be the Lord of your past, present and future.

Thank you Christine for sharing with us. Don’t miss next month 8th April “Moving in Faith and Touching the Cloak of Jesus”. The Lord has much to give you every month. Step out and come!

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