Women! Women and more women gathered to garner strength from each other and learn ways to sustain and develop personal relationships with Jesus Christ.  Women from the Catholic Faith and other denominations were hungry to hear how God is impacting the lives of women in our land.

What encouragement we received from the intelligent, witty speakers who opened their hearts to us and told of the joys and sorrows they experienced in their life journeys.  From them we learnt we are not alone in our concerns and worries.  Their passion for God and their enthusiasm for recognising Christ moments in their lives was infectious!

Then there were the numerous opportunities to meet God in prayer.  The musicians lead us into a depth of Worship where we were lead into God’s Throne room.  The Taize prayer was lead by the music team and ladies from the Hamilton Fellowship – tiny candles bringing light in the dark of the night settled and relaxed the soul.  Prayer ministry by Dove Prayer Ministers gave the personal touch as of Christ.  This continued with times of healing through both the Sacrament of Reconciliation and receiving a personal anointing.

The greatest prayer of all, the Eucharistic, celebrated by Bishop Denis Browne and Monsignor Frank Eggleton,  brought the Retreat to a close gathering all strands of the weekend together – the prayer, the praise, the fellowship, the care for each other, the togetherness in Christ – all hallmarks of Dove Ministry.

What brought this diverse group together for two wonderful days?  It was the recognition that we need time to grow into a relationship and love for Christ. We need to confirm our commitment to a Christian life. led by the Spirit of God.  What a great opportunity the Dove Retreat was for this to happen.  A truly blessed time thanks to our National Team and speakers, Wilma Conroy, Anne Claessens, Diana Ingle and Monsignor Frank Eggleton.

A big thank you to the many women who contributed their time and gifts in big and small ways to make the Retreat very special.
This was an abundant Harvest!

Article written by Linda Fisher (who gave her gifts and time as the Retreat Photographer).