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Hello again,

I will keep on sharing insights into the Proclamation Prayer, in this page, each time the Lord gives me a new message for you.

The next line of our prayer says, “You desire to pass on the spirit of Dove to a new generation”. At the beginning of Ordinary time this year, the Church puts before us the stories of how God called individuals from new generations throughout history. In the past two weeks we’ve heard the stories of John the Baptist, and Jesus’ own baptism (Mark 1:7- 11), the lord calling Samuel (1 Samuel 3:3-10), calling Saul (1Samuel 9), and sending Samuel to anoint David (1 Samuel 16:1-13). In these and many other Biblical stories, God sends his Spirit to children, or young people who have no standing, power or authority at the time. God calls and anoints them, to go on to become His messengers and leaders. The same process is happening amongst us today. We have God’s promise that He will raise up a new generation to continue the ministry of Dove. He has not left it up to us to do this job. The anointing and appointing must come from God alone. 1Samuel 16:1 “How long will you be grieving over Saul whom I have rejected? Fill your horn with oil and be on your way to Jesse the Bethlehemite for I have chosen for myself a king from among his sons”. We began, in our fellowships to collect the names of younger women into a box and pray over them at our meetings.

Now that I am not able to attend a regular fellowship meeting, the Lord has shown me a new way form of prayer. I invite all of you to do this too. Whenever I am at mass, I look at all the younger women, (anyone who looks younger than me), as they return from Communion and I pray for each one s they pass me “Lord is she your chosen? Please fill her with your Holy Spirit”. I do the same in shopping malls or anywhere else I see strangers passing me. They may be strangers to me but God knows each of them intimately. I do not restrict this to women who belong to my grandchildren’s generation. I am open to this new generation being anyone younger than me.

Please join me in opening our hearts to be willing to invite people to receive the Spirit of God in their lives in a new way. Then trust God to do the rest.



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