I thank you for your everlasting covenant of love – Leading Light

“I thank you for your everlasting covenant of love “

This one line of our Proclamation prayer is just loaded with meaning for us, loaded with blessing, loaded with grace.

I thank You. Thank you Father God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit.

One of the best things I learned from my friends in Dove, is to have an attitude of gratitude. It was one of the often articulated and practiced values of the first Dove team I served on. Whenever our discussions turned negative or critical someone would remind the group to “have an attitude of gratitude”. The deliberate act of refocusing our attention on what we could thank God for, very quickly dispelled the negative, critical or defeatist feelings that had arisen. As we practiced thanksgiving these were actually replaced with confidence and joyful expectation.

Thanksgiving, wasn’t just a matter of repeating rote phrases. It involved thinking of, and expressing the ways God had already provided for us, our team and our Fellowship. Sometimes we remembered words of encouragement or prophecy we had received in recent prayer. Other times we reminded one another of how God had called each of us, and equipped us for the specific tasks ahead.

Active thanksgiving is a powerful tool to grow us in our covenant of love with God.

This year, we have plans to celebrate forty years of Dove Catholic Fellowship for Women, physically in the current Fellowships, but also on- line. If you cannot join in with a Fellowship, look for our 40th Anniversary page. I invite you to share a little



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