Congratulations! North Shore – Feedback and comments below

VISIONS AND COMMENTS ON 29th July 2023 North Shore Dove meeting in Orewa

I saw a vision of Jesus transfigured.  Jesus in pure white robes with white, cloud-like light all around Him; this light flowed down over the ladies below. Mother Mary was on the right-hand side, standing with the ladies. It was as if the glory of God, flowing from Jesus, was enveloping all below. Thank you for a beautiful gathering.  (name withheld)

It was a wonderful day thanks to our lovely Sylvia and her efficient team. Orewa was honoured to have Dove come to us.  Very heartened by attendances. I felt The Lord say we were at a new beginning in Dove. Thanks for being attentive to the Lord’s promptings. May Dove experience new growth as we reach out to the modern woman and meet her spiritual needs.  (Barbara H)

My sister-in-law loved the meeting and would like to be on your mailing list for upcoming meetings please. We had a marvellous day.  Very blessed and encouraged by the great turnout. I enjoyed every bit of it. The praise and worship, the relaxed atmosphere, great food and for me personally, meeting up with so many girls from the past. Marvellous. Thank you again to North Shore Dove team and everyone who helped to make this meeting so successful. (Helen Rei)

A hugeThank you to Sylvia and the North Shore Dove Team for an awesome day of reflections, memories and sharing of 35 years of North Shore “Dove Catholic Women’s Fellowship”. A wonderful of feeling and knowing how blessed we are to be members of such an amazing ministry of ‘women reaching women, leading us to Jesus.’  I, for one especially felt the love strongly from all the women, and a blessed feeling of ‘coming home’ to my awesome sisters in Dove. I look forward to attending more reunions, as it is so awesome to attend and catch with so many wonderful Dove women. (Helen Rey)

I thank everyone for such a wonderful day on 29th July 2023.  The power of the Holy Spirit was certainly there. I realized how much I had missed ‘praise and worship”.  You’re leadership was great, as were the music team.  What a marathon they had, and two great speakers.  Well done.  (Pam M)

A huge thankyou to you and your team for all the planning and work that went into making last Saturday get together such a great success. Wonderful day, the empowering of the Holy Spirit was so powerful and deep. Meeting dear Dove friends again, felt like we had never be apart. The Praise and Worship and the testimonies were amazing. (Jane T)

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