Hamilton Dove ‘Come and Receive’

On Monday night 6th February Hamilton Dove held their first public meeting for the year.

‘Come and receive.’

Below is the prophetic word received.

The Waka

There is the Waka, the boat.
It is an infinite vessel, room for all.
The Captain, the Shepherd, the Gatekeeper of eternal life,
Jesus is at the helm.
He has the Holy Spirit and all His angels with Him.
He navigates the waters with the Father’s help.
His light shows us all the way.
I do not know where we are going.
So I keep my eyes fixed on the light.
I have no fear, I can trust.
Jesus has everything in control.
As we sail, people lose sight of the light.
They are tempted to abandon the boat.
Some jump off into the water.
Some are tempted to other boats.
Some fall into hopelessness and despair, because they have looked
And turned away from the light.
The Captain knows this and sends a Mother to assist.
And a Helper to comfort them.
Still those too stubborn to accept help wish to leave.
The Captain then feeds them, he gives of abundance with love.
He instructs his angels to strengthen them.
He gives each their own special one.
Yet, for some this too is not enough, they choose to leave.
As we sail, we keep our eyes on the light.
We are filled with overflowing joy, we sing and we praise.
The Waka stops up ahead on dry land.
Where is this place that I sense great beauty?
I cannot quite make out with my eyes.
Many get off, those instructed by the Gatekeeper.
I can hear the shouts of laughter and joy.
The Waka sets sail again.
Back to find others to invite them aboard.
Tirelessly and with great love and mercy the Captain will seek out all.
Planning to encounter them all and gracing them to receive his call.
Thank you Jesus for your love. Thank you for the special place created
for us all. Thank you for being our Redeemer, the Redeemer of the
Most precious blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world.

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