Happy New Year from your National Team – Leading Light January 2024

Happy New Year from your National Team.

May 2024 be filled with blessings for you and your families.

One new initiative from us to you, is to have a page called Leading Light, in which I will share with you some of the ways the Lord is leading Dove Catholic Fellowship for Women.

Today, I want to encourage you to keep praying our Proclamation for Future Generations prayer. If you don’t have a copy of it you will find it on the resources page of the website.

The prayer begins, “Dear heavenly Father, I believe you have a plan for the future of Dove Catholic Fellowship for Women.” Luke 2:19 tells us how Mary responded to God’s big plan for her family: “As for Mary, she treasured all these words and continually pondered over them.”

I invite you to ponder over this prayer. Stop when a particular word or phrase catches your attention and talk to God about what it can mean for you. As I began praying recently, “I believe” struck me. Sometimes I can give lip service to belief, but what’s really happening deep in my heart? Do I really believe this statement or is there a “Yeah, but…” lurking there? Am I looking at God’s plan only from my own limited understanding? Being ego-centric humans, we can assume that God would not tell us about a plan unless He intended us to have a leading role in it. We can even jump immediately to thinking we have to make it happen, or leap in the other direction to total helplessness, disqualifying ourselves from any part in it.

We don’t yet know what God’s plan for Dove Catholic Fellowship looks like. Lord give us the grace today, through your Holy Spirit working in us, to lay down all our own pre-conceived ideas, to let go of our own hopes and dreams for this ministry, and to open our hearts to receive your plan.

Lord, Please give me the grace today, to surrender to You as we begin this New Year. I believe steadfastly that Your plans for me are always good, and I desire to see Your will done in my life. I trust in You to lead us in wonder and joy into Your perfect plan for us. Amen

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