Lynette Ramon moves on to another mission.

On Monday night Lynette Ramon was commissioned off the Hamilton Dove Team.

Lynnette has written the below and also shared a photo of when she came on Team.

“Everything has a season and everything has a reason.  It’s all in God’s plan.

In 2015 a friend of mine brought me to Dove.  I was in a bad place then as I was dealing with a huge loss.  I came for Dove whenever I could and found so much healing everytime I came, through my prayers and tears.  I enjoyed the praise and worship and loved singing along with the music ministry.

For a number of times the Dove team asked me to join and after much discernment I joined the Dove team in 2019.  It is different being on team you do not receive as much as you give and that it itself was a blessing too.  The team meet often and we pray for ourselves and everyone else.  We always pray for each other.

I grew in prayer, in faith and most of all in the knowledge of Holy Spirit.  Attending conferences and talks enhanced my growth in the Holy Spirit and love for Jesus in many different ways.

It’s time for me now to move on to another mission where I believe and hope the Lord will use me in a mighty way.  God bless all of you.


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