Move in Faith and Touch the Cloak of Jesus with Teuina Rotaria.

The testimony for the Hamilton Dove’s April monthly meeting was given by Teuina. In it, she shared how she was deeply affected by story of the profound faith of the woman who touched the cloak of Jesus.

Teuina said “In Faith we can go to Him. He never changes. Faith can lead us out. It is a Gift.”
Her Bible verses also confirmed this conviction such as Heb 1:11 Faith is the assurance of things hoped for; the conviction of things not seen.

We then watched the very powerful and moving scene from “The Chosen” which depicted the woman, suffering and bleeding yet desperate for a cure, lunge forward and touch the tassels of His robe. Jesus asked ‘’Who touched me? I felt the power go out of me.” Knowing she was healed, the woman admitted that it was her. “I knew that if I could touch just the fringe of your garment, I would be healed.” Jesus said “Daughter, look up. It was not my garment. It was your Faith that healed you”.

What does the woman teach us? Bible stories encourage us. From this we learn there is hope – touch the cloak of Jesus – To Step Out.

Teuina talked about her own health struggles back in 2017, which were affecting her physically and emotionally. She prayed the Rosary. She attended a Current of Grace conference – her heart was broken and empty. However, two people prayed for her painful right hand and she was healed. This healing changed her life. She bought her first Bible to learn the Word of God. She decided to follow Jesus as He had healed her. Jesus was now speaking to her through His Word. “He hears the cry of His children.” She started seeing Fruit of Faith.

She shared how on several occasions the Lord had used her in a profound way when she was working as a nurse. She prayed and healings occurred. Teuina also talked about how powerful it is to pray The Divine Mercy prayer.

A huge event in Teuina’s life occurred in 2022 when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. She had intensive and invasive treatment. Many people prayed specifically for her healing. Miraculously, she was healed. ‘Fear Not I have healed you’. She prayed Psalm 23. John10;10. During her last session of chemo, she received Psalm 118:17 – I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done. It was confirmation that she would be healed. She is!

She “prayed for a rose and was taken to The Rose Garden.” This is also referring to another miracle that occurred following her ovarian cancer surgery, when she was able to adopt a beautiful baby boy.

Teuina shared:

To grow in our faith, we must know the profound love of the Father for us as His own children. We should use that as our 1st line pathway. Know that I am loved by the Father and He gave Jesus for our salvation; healing, as a friend. He gave us his holy Angels, Mama Mary and Saints. We should not fear but trust in His love for us. Because He loves us, He will attend to our needs. He will heal us if we believe.

This Dove evening was filled with a deep reverence, as people listened to this faith-filled testimony; praised the Lord, and then prayed quietly, deeply moved. Following this, we were instructed to pair up, pray in the Spirit, and then tell our partners what the Holy Spirit was saying to them. This activity was an invitation “step out of the boat” and have faith to listen within our hearts to what the Spirit was prompting us to say.

We are thankful that Teuina shared her experiences of trusting in the Lord to answer when she called on Him; of believing in His healing power to cure the sick; of finding comfort through pain, and through that of growing closer to Jesus. These are real experiences of someone we know and love. Now, we too are called to trust in Jesus, and reach out in faith to touch His cloak.

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