Moving on in the vision of God.

Last weekend July 21-23 the National Team and our advisors met in Taupo. Our focus was to discern the next steps for us in God’s plan for Dove Catholic Fellowships for Women.

One of our intercessors recently prayed that God would confirm His word to us with signs and wonders. This weekend we were granted a sign in the heavens. When we opened our curtains on Saturday morning, a huge white cloud in the shape of a dove, hovered over the lake. A few minutes later, a small dove shape appeared, just in front of the first one’s head. We didn’t get a photo of this development, but we took the message. It confirmed other ways the Lord has been telling us that He has been preparing to “raise up a whole new generation who will continue the work He has begun in us”. That quote is from the Proclamation for Future Generations prayer He led us to write last year.

Before our weekend even began the Lord gave us three words to focus on:

 Pray, Believe, Receive.

He told us we must continue to pray the proclamation prayer. Not just the national team, but every Dove. Please pray it every day, personally as well as together. Make it part of every Dove meeting, public meetings, team meetings and small group meetings. Keep praying until you know it by heart.

Let your heart believe in the promises of the proclamation. Let the prayer seep into, and change your heart.

Then you will receive. We will all receive the blessings God is promising us in the prayer. All the women of New Zealand will receive the blessing He has poured out on us.

The Proclamation for Future Generations is freely given. There is no copyright to worry about. Please copy and distribute it as the Holy Spirit leads you.



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