Nelson Dove Fellowship for Women – July 15th 2023

Starting with a hot soup lunch around cafe tables with great conversation was terrific for this cold Saturday in July. After swigging down a cuppa and a sweet treat, everyone helped pack up the tables and then repositioned the seats in front of this Focus Table for praise and worship.

This display shows that as Dove Women, we are on the move together – (with the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we have asked for). When we praise and worship we step out in faith and we are freed and become bold in Spirit. If we don’t do anything to grow our faith then it won’t grow. So we are now encouraging each other to use our gifts from the Holy Spirit on our daily path.

We shared a reflection from ‘Jesus Calling’ book.
You will magnify My name in a dark corner. You will praise Me in a place where others extol men. You will show my love and reality to those who have not as yet experienced My nearness and fellowship in the way you have known Me.
I need you as a light to shine in dark places.

After praying with and for each other, we finished with a prayer from Mother Teresa.
“Each person’s mission is a mission of love…
Begin in the place where you are,
With the people closest to you.
Make your homes centres of compassion
And forgive endlessly.
Let no one over come to you
Without coming away better and happier.

Next time we are bringing some faith resources to share with each other over lunch.

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