New Team Member joins Hamilton Team.

Hamilton Dove Catholic Fellowship Team welcomes Louela Rosal onto team at our public meeting of 4 December 2023.

Louela has attended Dove for many many years and has in many ways assisted team already with hospitality, making of cups of tea and food preparations.

We are just so thrilled that she has accepted this ministry and know that she will be an invaluable team member.

Louela is from the Philippines and she recently shared with us the great traditions of her Christmas memories there. She is venturing back on holiday to be emersed back into her cultural traditions for a little while. We wish her a very Holy Christmas back home and safe journey back to her home of Hamilton. We look forward to the year ahead and for her input into our team. She is pictured here with the Dove Hamilton artwork symbolising our way forward, the seashell representing Jesus at the heart of everything surrounded by the goals we endeavour to surround him with.

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