Next Steps in the New Vision

The national team met last weekend, to seek the Lord’s direction for this year.

We recall that He gave us a new vision for Dove two years ago. He told us He desired to pass on the spirit of Dove to a new generation. We were asked to set the ball rolling, by becoming aware of younger women in our parishes who have not yet received the Baptism of the Spirit, to place their names in boxes and to pray for them, especially using Ephesians 3:14-20. Next, He gave us the Proclamation for Future Generations prayer. I hope many of you are still lifting Dove up in these two ways of praying.

Thirdly, He gave us a new set of Values to show us what we need to hang onto as so much of Dove is being called to change. Yes, the Lord is asking us to change. He doesn’t just want us to pass Dove as we have known it, to a new generation. We need to clear the decks so to speak. He has said “Pass the baton to a new generation and let them do it their way.”

So we asked Him again this weekend for the next steps. He told us our purpose is to oversee the transition of Dove from large regional Fellowships, to small parish-based groups. The three operating Fellowships already have plans for their activities this year. We believe in the discernment process each of them has gone through to receive their vision and put it in place. Meanwhile, we also believe there are many women throughout New Zealand who would love to see a Dove group in their own parish. If you are one of these, your time has come.

It is time to start inviting younger women to come together in small groups to seek a closer relationship with Jesus, and to support each other in growing their faith. The National team is working on putting the appropriate structures in place, but it is up to you ladies to pray this in for your own parish. Then get ready to ACT.  Invite and keep inviting. Ask the Holy Spirit to tell you who to invite.



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