by Fr David Knight

Published by St Anthony Messenger Press

“This book is about five things you need to do in order to enter into the experience of Jesus Christ as saviour, teacher, leader, lover and lord. In the experience of union with him on these levels you will discover the fullness of the life of grace.”

Step One: The Choice to Be a Christian-Dying to False Hopes and Saviours; Rising to Jesus Christ, Saviour of the World

Step Two:
The Choice to Be a Disciple – Dying to Inadequate Lights and Teachers; Rising to Discipleship

Step three: The Choice to Be a Prophet – Dying to Social Conformity; Rising to Prophetic Witness

Step Four: The Choice to Be a Priest – Dying to Self-enclosed Religion; Rising to Ministry

Step Five: The Choice to Be a Steward -Dying to Noninvolvement; Rising to Responsibility for the Kingdom


“Five graves, five risings; That is the substance of this book. Baptism committed us to all of them. But it is possible, even probable, that neither at the time of our Baptism nor afterward did we ever put them specifically in focus. We are committed to them all; we are even living them all in a general, perhaps haphazard way. And they are bearing fruit in our lives. But perhaps not the fruit they ought to bear, and not the fruit they can bear if we live them to the full.

The Christian life, the life of grace, is meant to be ongoing passionate living on every level; body, emotions, mind and will. The Christian life, passionately lived in love, is meant to give us life to the full, joy to the full.

It is meant to be an experience of God, an experience of Christ, an experience of being Christ, of being his body, seeing with his eyes, choosing according to the desires of his heart, living by his devine life, giving his life to others. It is an experience of redeeming the world.

At Baptism each of us was anointed with chrism and consecrated by God to carry on the mission of Jesus. Each one of us was sealed and committed, consecrated and anointed to be prophet, priest and steward of Christ’s kingship. We were christened, “Christ-ed”, so that we might continue the life and missionof the Anointed one on earth, so that we might be Christ.”