I hope that you all have enjoyed a relaxing break and feel refreshed and ready to be inspired and empowered through our planned meetings for the Year.

Our focus for this year is going to be : The gifts of the Holy Spirit

On: 25th February, St Annes Church Parish Hall, Manurewa at 7.30pm

and we are going to start with the Gift of Healing.  

In preparation for this, you are invited to attend:

A Healing Retreat run by Fr Jude Algama At St Marks in Pakuranga  on the  13th – Thursday and 14th – Friday of February  2020 at 7pm

Fr Jude Algama has a highly acclaimed Healing Ministry, and I strongly recommend you to attend.  I look forward to seeing you.

Please text me-  Grace on 027 624 3842 and I  will register you.

Healing Retreat details:

Dates:     13th & 14th February 2020

Time:       7.00pm   

Theme“Be filled with The Holy Spirit and become a   missionary disciple of Jesus “ 

Silent prayer, Praise and Worship, Devotion to the Blessed Mother and requesting her help, invoking Holy Angels and Saints. Scripture reflections, Sharing, joyful singing, laying on of hands… Leading to a wonderful and memorable life experience.

A Golden opportunity – NOT TO BE MISSED!!  

This year marks the Golden Jubilee of St Mark’s Parish.  Starting and ending on St Mark’s Feast day 25th April 2020 to the 25th April 2021.

Let’s all take this opportunity to start our Golden Jubilee year by attending this Retreat; with the Holy Trinity and our Blessed Mother, all the Angels and Saints at the very centre of our lives,  that they may be in everything we do and say, so that we may all become missionaries of Jesus.

Timetable: 13th February 2020 

Topic 1

The third person of the Trinity

Topic 2

The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

Topic 3

“The Great Promise “

Topic 4

The Holy Spirit in The New Testament

  1. In the Life of Jesus

14th February 2020

Continuation of topic 4

The Holy Spirit in The New Testament

  1. The Teaching of Jesus on The Holy Spirit.
  1. The Great Promise from God the Father is fulfilled…
  1. Holy Spirit in the First Christian Community
  1. The Holy Spirit in the letters of St. Paul
  1. Gifts and fruits of The Spirit
  1. The Teaching of The Catholic Church on The Holy Spirit.

Topic 5

Life In the Spirit and Missionary Disciple of Jesus.